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Bringing Baby Home Workshop

I began teaching this workshop in 2015 because I was seeing a phenomenon happen before my eyes with couples that were new to parenthood. I remember being around some children at my daughter’s school and hearing that a 1yr old would be spending the weekend with his dad because the parents were no longer together. This deeply saddened me as this child will never know what it looks like to see his parents together.

In some cases, this may be the best option, but for most, if they had received some support early on, like the Bringing Baby Home Workshop, this may have been avoided. We prepare so much for the birth of our children by taking birth education classes, CPR, breastfeeding classes, looking for the safest car seat, etc… but we don’t often remember that the relationship that made this baby possible will be impacted and needs to be taken care of as well. This is where Bringing Baby Home becomes helpful.

As a couple, your relationship is the lifeline of the family, but will likely get placed on the backburner once baby comes. It’s important for couples to learn the skills to navigate this new time in their lives successfully.

In this 2 day workshop, couples will learn the following:

1. What the transition to parenthood will entail

2. How to deepen the knowledge that you have about one another’s world

3. How to express more fondness and admiration

4. How to express your needs

5. How to turn towards your baby and meet his/her needs

6. How to read your baby’s emotional cues and learn effective ways to interact with baby through play

7. How to reduce stress in the relationship

8. How to guard your relationship against divorce predicting behavior

9. How to softly approach conflict, accept influence from your spouse and repair when it isn’t going well

10. How to problem solve and compromise so that both people’s needs are honored

11. How to make sure both parents are involved and the impact that each will have on baby’s development

12. How to preserve intimacy in the relationship and how to create shared meaning together.

All of these topics will be taught and modeled and then each couple will then use the materials to practice the exercises by themselves with the help of the presenter.

This workshop only costs $180/couple, but if you take advantage of the early registration rate, you only pay $150, which will include the materials for free.

Check out my Bringing Baby Home Facebook page to see about upcoming workshops.


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